The Inspiration Behind The Uncommon Dog is Our Four Legged Crew!

Lacey is my 4-year-old Border Collie mix. Living up to the Border Collie breed, she’s a worker and always looking for a job to do to help out. She also plays hard and never seems to tire out. She’s always up for a good game of “throw the ball until your arm falls off”.

Lucy is my 6-year-old Terrier mix. She’s very gentle and sweet, but has a definite protective side to her. She’d rather snuggle up with the humans than be out rough-housing with the other dogs. Lucy is the one we turn to when we need a shoulder to cry on.

Ok, Jack is a cat, but he’s still part of the crew (and more often than not he acts like a dog). He and Lacey play together as if they were both dogs, and when the treats come out, he’ll sit and do all kinds of other things right along with the dogs.

Ok, now you've met them. Wanna see them in action? Here you go!

Jack the hunter, stalking a lizard or a mouse or whatever the next critter is. He’s always very thoughtful and brings his prey to the back patio.

Lacey is a happy girl …. and always distracted by the next thing that she needs to go check on. What’s going on over there?

Lacey takes her jobs very seriously.

Lacey looks out over the canyon behind our back yard, just keeping a lookout.

Lacey and Jack playing. Lacey in her playbow, enticing Jack to play. And Jack teasing Lacey, biding his time before he pounces.

Lucy the sweetheart, lounging in the grass.

“The Girls” sitting atop Cowles Mountain in San Diego. Lacey looking out over the canyons and the city, Lucy taking a much-needed rest.

Both girls taking in the view of San Diego. We can almost see all the way to the ocean.

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