Gold Paw Fleece Dog Jacket - Black Watch Plaid - Micro Size 2


Perfect snugglewear for Indoors and Out!
  • Stretchy fleece material.
  • Pullover style jacket.
  • No sleeves!
  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • What We Love About It:
    The Gold Paws Cozy Fleece Jacket is a lightweight fleece pullover for every pet - made right here in the U.S.A.! Our Gold Paw Fleece has no sleeves or Velcro, just stretchy lightweight fleece. Pull it on and turn down the charming collar and your pet will be snugly and comfortable all day or night. Great for older or short-haired pets, or those recovering from surgery or illness. Available in multiple colors and sizes, so every one can be warm and cozy. Machine Washable and Dryable.

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    • Brand:Gold Paws Series
    • Chest (Most Important):
         Micro Size 2:  8.5"
         Tiny Size 4:  10"
         Size 6:  12"
         Size 8:  14"
         Size 10:  16.5"
         Size 12:  17"
         Size 14:  18"
         Size 16:  21"
         Size 18:  24"
         Size 20:  26"
         Size 22:  27"
         Size 24:  28"
         Size 26:  32"
         Size 28:  35"
         Size 30:  38"
    • Back:
         Micro Size 2:  6.75"
         Tiny Size 4:  8.5"
         Size 6:  10"
         Size 8:  11.5"
         Size 10:  13"
         Size 12:  15.5"
         Size 14:  16.5"
         Size 16:  17.5"
         Size 18:  20"
         Size 20:  22.5"
         Size 22:  24.5"
         Size 24:  26"
         Size 26:  27"
         Size 28:  30"
         Size 30:  32"
    • Neck:
         Micro Size 2:  6.5"
         Tiny Size 4:  7.5"
         Size 6:  9"
         Size 8:  11"
         Size 10:  12"
         Size 12:  13"
         Size 14:  14"
         Size 16:  16"
         Size 18:  18"
         Size 20:  19"
         Size 22:  21"
         Size 24:  22"
         Size 26:  24"
         Size 28:  25"
         Size 30:  27"
    • Returns: Please see "Guarantee" tab
    • Restocking-Fee:20% of purchase price
    • Item #: PRS-CZYAWD2-BWP

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