Fido Fleece Rolling Bones Dog Coat - Size 8


Fido Fleece Dog Coats are designed with the perfect collar-to-tail back Velcro closure that transformed the pet apparel industry. The innovative design is paired with top-quality fleece for a perfect fit on a blustery night.
  • Signature collar-to-tail back Velcro closure ensures easy on and off.
  • Top-quality, 380 gram non-pile fleece.
  • Fleece sheds water, repels dirt and is easy to clean; wash warm and hang dry.

  • What We Love About It:
    When the weather gets blustery, humans grab a fleece coat to stay warm...why not share that luxury with our dogs? We love that Fido Fleece Dog Coats are durable, fashion-forward coats, that keep a dog's vulnerable underside protected, while the custom fabrics and patterns make sure that every dog is super stylish! This Rolling Bones Fido Fleece is sure to keep your pooch warm, cozy, and fashionable! Don't settle for an imitation - there's only one Fido Fleece dog coat!
    *BC - Broad Chest.

    Please note: Sizes may vary slightly from below sizing information due to manufacturing process.

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    Important Sizing Note: The measurements for this product in the Specifications tab below are for the actual product, not of the pet they fit. If you are not sure how to measure, see our

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    • Brand:Fido Fleece
    • Chest (Most Important):
         Size 8:  14"
         Size 10:  17"
         Size 12:  19"
         Size 12BC:  24"
         Size 14:  23"
         Size 14BC:  29"
         Size 16:  24"
         Size 16BC:  31"
         Size 18:  28"
         Size 20:  33"
         Size 22:  37"
         Size 24:  40"
         Size 26:  42"
         Size 28:  43"
         Size 30:  46"
    • Back:
         Size 8:  6.5"
         Size 10:  8.5"
         Size 12:  10"
         Size 12BC:  10.25"
         Size 14:  12"
         Size 14BC:  12.25"
         Size 16:  14"
         Size 16BC:  14.25"
         Size 18:  16"
         Size 20:  18.5"
         Size 22:  21"
         Size 24:  22"
         Size 26:  22.5"
         Size 28:  25.75"
         Size 30:  27.5"
    • Neck:
         Size 8:  8"
         Size 10:  9"
         Size 12:  12"
         Size 12BC:  17"
         Size 14:  13"
         Size 14BC:  19.5"
         Size 16:  14"
         Size 16BC:  21"
         Size 18:  16.5"
         Size 20:  22"
         Size 22:  22.5"
         Size 24:  24"
         Size 26:  26"
         Size 28:  27.5"
         Size 30:  28"
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    • Restocking-Fee:20% of purchase price
    • Item #: PRS-FID_ROBO-08

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