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Northland Climate Master Insulated Dog House

STARTING AT: $199.95 25% Off! Free Shipping!

Northland Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House

STARTING AT: $329.95 33% Off! Free Shipping!

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Rustic Lodge, Green Trim

STARTING AT: $172.78 30% Off! Free Shipping!

Ware Premium Plus Dog House

STARTING AT: $138.15 29% Off! Free Shipping!

ASL Solutions DP Hunter
Price: $208.38 $151.45 Free Shipping! 27% Off! 27% Off!
Ware Premium Plus A-Frame Dog House

STARTING AT: $129.94 27% Off! Free Shipping!

PetEgo Soft Deck House

STARTING AT: $61.76 24% Off! Free Shipping!

ASL Solutions Floor Heater

STARTING AT: $57.99 27% Off! Free Shipping!

Doskocil Indigo Dog House

STARTING AT: $198.43 18% Off! Free Shipping!

PetEgo Dog Bag Pet Tent

STARTING AT: $128.25 18% Off! Free Shipping!

10 Item(s)
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Home is where the heart is. And although your dog’s primary home is in the big house with you, it’s always good for him to have a place to call his own – whether in the backyard or in a special room in the house. A dog house may be the perfect solution for shelter, protection, warmth, solitude, and a feeling of security.

Our dog houses can be indoor or outdoor and come in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and with a number of special features. This means you are certain to find the perfect home for your dogs that will not only be comfortable for them, but will also match their personalities and keep them cozy at the same time.

If you live in an extreme climate or want to provide distinct comforts for the various seasons, choose an insulated dog house with a raised floor to help keep your pet comfortable and protected from the elements. An igloo dog house is a popular style. Dogs love them because they feel like a cave, and they’re very economical. Most igloos are not insulated and therefore are better as three-season houses. This type of dog house comes in a variety of sizes and a few different styles. Be sure to get the style best suited to your climate and also remember to situate it in the shade for added protection from the hot sun and weather.

For pet owners who live in frigid climates, a heated dog house will keep your dog toasty warm in those cold months. The best way to create a heated dog house environment is to get an insulated dog house and add some type of heater. Houses with insulation and heaters allow dogs to have some protection from the icy temperatures, wind, rain, and snow, and to stay warm even while they are outside. These special homes are a great asset to have when your dog stays outside all day while you’re at work.

With the right type and style of dog house, plans for a backyard garden can include a nice, comfy, and stylish house for your dog. Can you imagine a beautifully landscaped backyard with the perfect dog house built right in?

If you are looking for dog houses for sale, browse through our collection of shelters that will keep your home and backyard looking nice, while also providing a resting spot for your pet. We also offer accessories so you can create a space unique to your pet’s needs, such as orthopedic support, cooling devices, and heating equipment.

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