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Patio Pacific Endura Wall Mount Pet Door, Single & Double Flap

STARTING AT: $279.00 22% Off! Free Shipping!

Hale Wall Mounted, Double Flap, 10" Tunnel Pet Door

STARTING AT: $214.50 31% Off! Free Shipping!

Patio Pacific Thermo Panel IIIe with Endura Flap

STARTING AT: $399.00 25% Off! Free Shipping!

Patio Pacific Endura Door Mount Pet Door, Single & Double Flap

STARTING AT: $199.00 24% Off! Free Shipping!

Hale Door Mounted, Double Flap Pet Door

STARTING AT: $176.00 32% Off! Free Shipping!

Perfect Pet Deluxe Aluminum Pet Door™, Door Mounted

STARTING AT: $72.17 23% Off! Free Shipping!

Perfect Pet Ruff Weather Dual Flap Pet Door, Door Mounted

STARTING AT: $100.29 28% Off! Free Shipping!

Perfect Pet Modular Pet Patio Door, Standard Height

STARTING AT: $193.22 33% Off! Free Shipping!

Perfect Pet Original Plastic Door, Door Mounted

STARTING AT: $40.09 19% Off!

Perfect Pet Ultra-Flex Pet Door, Door Mounted

STARTING AT: $103.07 27% Off! Free Shipping!

10 Item(s)
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At The Uncommon Dog, we know that many people want to give their dog the freedom and convenience to go outside and come back in as he pleases. Whether it’s to play in the yard or do his business, dogs need access to the outdoors. We understand that being a human door monitor can get tiresome for those dogs that like to go in and out a lot. Dog doors provide your pet the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the outdoors, and then come inside for a snooze, without any intervention from you.

One common pet owner fear when they consider installing doggie doors is security against intruders. They want to be sure that only their dog uses the door, and that no unwelcome guests make use of this special entrance. We carry many dog doors with special safety features. PetSafe dog doors are one of the industry leaders in dog door safety. They are renowned for developing safe ways for pets to come and go as they please while keeping what is meant to stay outside, outside. 

To keep out intruders, PetSafe dog doors use smart chips that clip to your dog’s collar to open and close the door as she approaches the door. This electronic dog door gives homeowners the peace of mind to know that their home will remain secure even when they are not able to monitor the dog door. 

Another concern for those considering a dog door is insulation from weather. Many of the doors that we carry are designed for extreme temperatures and have two or three flaps, plus heavy-duty magnets on the flaps and insulation around the flap edges. These designs keep out rain, harsh cold, heat, and insects, as well.

Once you have your pet door, installation is the next step. For many doors, installation is significantly easier than most homeowners realize. And for other types of doors, it’s simply better to have a carpenter or handyman do the work. It really depends on how handy you are!

A dog door for sliding glass door can be quickly and easily installed. Instead of cutting a hole in the glass itself, sliding door panels use a frame the height of the sliding door that has a built-in flap. We carry special dog door panels for vinyl sliding glass doors. Otherwise, you can get any one of the aluminum panels that fit the height of your sliding door and the height of your dog.

A dog door for walls is installed directly into the wall of your home, rather than in a people door or sliding glass door. Most are self-framing and come with a tunnel or wall frame. Some do not, and you can either buy a frame separately or build out the frame yourself.

Browse our wide selection of dog doors to find the one that fits your personal needs. We have a wide range of sizes and types, materials, security features, and brands. You are certain to find the best choice for your home and pet. 

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