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Pet Gear Generation II Soft Crate

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Mr Herzhers Pet Residence

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Pet Gear "The Other Door" Steel Crate

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Pet Ego Umbra Pet Tent

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Merry Products Gate-n-Crate
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ABO Gear Dog Digs - Travel Dog Crate

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Mr Herzhers Deluxe Pet Residence

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Pet Gear Travel Lite Soft Crate

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Pet Dreams Casual Cratewear

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PetEgo Soft Deck House

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Richell Mobile Pet Pen 640
Price: $204.00 $142.75 Free Shipping! 30% Off! 30% Off!
Richell Mobile Pet Pen 940
Price: $308.14 $215.33 Free Shipping! 30% Off! 30% Off!
12 Item(s)
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Dog crates are great for any dog and any home, and have numerous benefits both for you and your pooch.

When many people think of dog crates, they think of dog crate training. Teaching dogs appropriate indoor behavior using pet crates can be very effective. While your pup is learning proper behavior, he can be crated while you’re away to help stop him from destroying your home. Crate training is also an effective way to housetrain a puppy or a pet who is new to your household. A dog crate can become your dog’s home, a safe space to get away from all the household activity and get a good night’s sleep.

At The Uncommon Dog, we also have dog crate covers to add style to unattractive wire crates and to help keep your pet calm and relaxed. These covers provide a cave-like feeling, which gives a sense of security and safety for your dog. They also reduce outside visual stimulation, which can help reduce reactivity and agitation. This simple item can often give your anxious dog a bit of peace and quiet, inside and out.

Dog kennels, or crates, can be comfortable places for dogs to rest and call their own. Many dogs enjoy sleeping in their dog crates at night because they provide a feeling of being in a den. Add a crate bed inside the kennel to provide a comfortable place for him to rest.

When purchasing these types of dog cages or crates, be sure you get one that is appropriately suited to your dog’s size. For small breeds, a small crate is advised. It should be big enough for your dog to stand up completely, turn around comfortably, and lie in her typical sleeping position. But don’t get one that’s too big either. For larger breeds, purchase a large dog crate so your pet does not feel too confined or cramped. To get the correct size, have a look at the Sizing Guide found on each product page.

If you are searching for a crate for your puppy that will grow with her into adulthood, choose a crate that will match her approximate size as an adult, and that comes with a puppy divider. This will allow you to change the size of the crate according to your dog’s size as she grows, so you only have to purchase one crate for the lifetime of your puppy.

Check out our selection of dog crates for sale. We have a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your dog and the space in your home, many of which are designed to withstand a lifetime of use by your dog.

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