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Dogs are family, and just like other members of the household, these canine pals need a comfortable place to sleep. Unfortunately, some dogs have a flair for turning things in the home into chew toys. For this reason, pet owners often shell out way too much cash to replace dog beds that have been ripped to shreds by sharp teeth. In those cases, it makes perfect sense to invest in a long-lasting, indestructible dog bed or a chew resistant dog bed for your 4-legged companion that likes to chew.

When selecting a dog bed, take into account the needs and situation of your pet and family. If your dog is a persistent chewer, an indestructible Kuranda bed may be just what you need. Kuranda chew proof dog beds are raised off the ground, and constructed with either steel or lightweight aluminum frames and chew proof Cordura or heavy duty vinyl fabric. Dogs can chew to their hearts’ content. Kuranda beds are built to last, they are backed by a rock-solid money back guarantee, and specifically designed for a “heavy-duty” chewer.

When trying to decide if an indestructible dog bed is right for your canine and family, keep in mind that indestructible dog beds typically come in a few select styles, and they may require extra accessories such as fleece pads to keep pets cozy in the wintertime.

Puppies, older dogs, and dogs with health conditions like arthritis may have a tough time getting on and off of raised beds. In such cases, indestructible raised beds may not be ideal. Instead, the line of K-9 Ballistics chew resistant dog beds may be a better option.

K-9 Ballistics dog beds are made in a more traditional pillow style dog bed. They are constructed using 1680 Denier fabric (one of the strongest dog bed fabrics on the market), giving them great durability to resist occasional, “medium-duty” chewing from canines. Round or rectangular in shape, there are several colors to choose from.

Cost conscious pet owners needn’t feel left out because Coolaroo beds are a less expensive option. These pet beds are either steel framed or aluminum framed, and made with a high-density polyethelene fabric. Although Coolaroo pet beds are very durable, they are not as tough as the K-9 Ballistics beds nor do they come with the chewproof guarantee like the Kuranda dog beds. They may be a good option for the occasional “light-duty” chewer.

If your pooch likes to chew, spare yourself the extra drama and invest in a chew resistant or indestructible pet bed. These types of beds last longer and will save you a wad of dough in the long run.

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